International Enrolment


Please carefully read the Western Heights High School information which is available through our website You should also have additional information provided to you by your agency. Otherwise information is freely available upon request. If you are satisfied with what our school has to offer, then we encourage you to apply.

The documentation in the enrolment pack provided by your agency or the International Director must be completed. It includes:

The International Student Application and Contract of Enrolment Form

    • Accommodation Agreement and/or Designated Caregiver Agreement
    • Refunds Policy
    • School Code of Conduct
    • Disciplinary Policy
      · The International Student Health Form
      · The Blanket Consent Form for EOTC
      · The International Student Profile for Homestay Placement Form
      · The Cyber Safety Agreement Form


  • The school will then review the completed documentation provided in the application pack and make a decision on the student’s eligibility. If successful, an International Student Acceptance Letter, Offer of Place and Invoice will be issued. (The offer of place is an essential document required for the visa application process).
  • If the application is to be declined, the Director of International Students will send a communication to that effect to the person who submitted the application, with a brief explanation of the reasons for declining the application.
  • If the parents/legal guardians are agreeable with the invoice and terms outlined in the International Student Application and Contract of Enrolment, the fees are paid. The contract is then signed and stamped by the schools approved signatory and the parents/legal guardians. On confirmation of payment, a receipt is issued.
  • Only once all documents are completed will a Homestay Profile be sent to the family.
  • The student, parents/legal guardians or agent can then apply on-line for a New Zealand Student Visa:


  • At the same time as, or shortly after sending the receipt to the family, the Director of International Students will send pre-departure information. This will include comprehensive information about the school and other relevant information. This is also available on our website.
  • When visa and flight details are organized and sent to the school, transport arrangements from Auckland Airport to Rotorua can be finalized.


  • The student is welcomed to Rotorua by the homestay family and Western Heights High School Staff. On arrival at the school, the student will participate in a comprehensive orientation programme. Only once the student is fully prepared and ready, will the student be integrated into classes.