Future Pathways


Our aim is to support and encourage all students, so they can successfully transition to further study, training and employment through WHHS, make well-informed career and tertiary study plans, and progress to build and manage successful, fulfilling careers.

“A good start for young people – early choices that match our talents and interests – lead to motivation, achievement and satisfaction. Young people who choose well are likely to be five years ahead in their learning and career progress by the age of thirty because they have been in environments where they have been motivated to learn, perform and work to potential. They have built their competence and confidence. That’s five years ahead on productivity, income and all the satisfaction of getting somewhere you want to go.”

Dr Heather Carpenter, careers and education consultant, and counsellor

Western Heights High School’s Careers Department aims to help students plan their subject choices successfully and help those about to leave school to transition successfully to further study or employment. We support applications for courses, scholarships, jobs and apprenticeships, as well as advise on alternative pathways for those not ready to transition directly into their chosen field.

All students are welcome to make an appointment for a Careers interview. However, at busy times preference will be given to Seniors and those about to leave school.

The Careers Department is housed in the Health & Wellness Centre. Students wishing to make appointments to meet with Mrs Chesterman, the careers advisor, should do so by email: jchesterman@whhs.school.nz Parents may make appointments by phoning Mrs Chesterman on 07 349 5940 x 239.

It is important that senior students check the daily notices and join their respective year level Facebook Careers Hub group, both sources of information regarding talks by visiting university staff, job opportunities and other helpful information.